Commercial Services

We are specialists in the field of commercial gas safety certification for all commercial properties.

Gas Safety Certification

The gas safety (Installations and use) regulations were introduced by the government in an attempt to combat the increasing number of gas related incidents.  Landlords have a duty to ensure that the gas appliances and flues they provide for tenants’ use are maintained in a safe condition at all times and checked for safety each year by a Gas Safe registered installer.  Read & Errington are able and experienced in providing this service.

Services include:

  • An inspection of all the gas appliances and gas pipework on the property.
  • Completion of a Gas Safety Certificate.
  • We keep a copy of all Gas Certification for 7 years.
  • Once registered with us you will receive a reminder each year when your Gas Certificate is due.
  • We will arrange appointments directly with you or your tenant and arrange a convenient appointment.

New Installations

Read & Errington employ a highly qualified and experienced team that can offer bespoke design services for all types of commercial gas fired appliances.  We offer a fully comprehensive service from initial advice and design to installation and commissioning.  All our commercial engineers are Gas Safe registered with all works completed comes guaranteed.

Services include:

  • Commercial Central Heating
  • Hot and Cold Water Supplies
  • Renewable Energies and Underfloor Heating
  • Gas and General Pipework
  • Catering Equipment
  • Testing and Purging

Repair, Service & Safety

Here at Read & Errington, we are specialists in the field of commercial gas safety certification for all commercial properties. We can provide commercial gas safety certificates for all types of domestic and residential properties, commercial gas equipment, pipe work and appliances.We are one of the Fylde’s leading providers of commercial gas safety certificates and cover all types of commercial properties including Hotels, Guest Houses, Schools, Colleges, Restaurants, Café’s and Commercial Kitchens etc.Many insurers require proof of a commercial gas certificate for properties to continue with cover.

Services include:

  • Commercial gas safety certificates.
  • Commercial gas catering servicing and repairs.
  • Commercial gas catering safety inspection.
  • Servicing and maintenance.
  • Breakdown repairs.
  • Gas leak trace and repairs.
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