Commercial Repair, Service & Safety

We can provide commercial gas safety certificates for all types.

Repair, Service & Safety

Here at Read & Errington, we are specialists in the field of commercial gas safety certification for all commercial properties.  We can provide commercial gas safety certificates for all types of domestic and residential properties, commercial gas equipment, pipe work and appliances.  We are one of the Fylde’s leading providers of commercial gas safety certificates and cover all types of commercial properties including Hotels, Guest Houses, Schools, Colleges, Restaurants, Café’s and Commercial Kitchens etc.  Many insurers require proof of a commercial gas certificate for properties to continue with cover.

Services include:

  • Commercial gas safety certificates.
  • Commercial gas catering servicing and repairs.
  • Commercial gas catering safety inspection.
  • Servicing and maintenance.
  • Breakdown repairs.
  • Heating system Flush and Gas leak trace and repairs.
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